MUSIC REVIEWS: Eisley and Johnathan Rice

Johnathan Rice
Further North

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Johnathan Rice isn’t going to be the next household name–but that’s completely okay. Further North is a straight-up folk tinged rock album that rests easy on the ear. By the third listen, the simple but sensitive lyrics stick in your head and one finds themselves singing along. Influences far and near can be heard on “It Couldn’t Be Me” (which at first, sounds like early Smith’s ballads), “It Is Best To Keep It All Inside” (which could have clearly been from Bob Dylan’s catalogue), and on title-track “Further North” (where Springsteen references can be drawn). The album is a solid, enjoyable hint of the talent Rice has to offer without indulging too much in those who influence him. One doesn’t have to listen to Nick Drake or any other famous name to appreciate Further North.

Tania Katherine Dworjan


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There used to be an endearing sound to the Dupree sisters voices. That charm is not present on Combinations and the album is proof that there is only so far a saccharine sweet voice will take you. Unfortunately, there’s too much filler here and not enough killer. The CD’s first track, “Many Funerals” starts too abruptly–you can’t even get it into the stereo before it starts to bombard you with too much too soon syndrome. By the time the listener makes their way mid-album to “Come Clean,” the repetitive choruses actually become grating. It feels like someone is punching tiny little kittens square in the jaw. Though there is a bright side to the album “Ten Cent Blues” (an endearingly whimsical song of love lost and self-love gained), it’s too little too late for this throwaway album.

Tania Katherine Dworjan

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