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Diamond Hoo Ha!

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Woo hoo! After three years, Astralwerks’ Brit-pop superstars Supergrass have come out with another album, Diamond Hoo Ha, whose name I’d love to hear them inflect someday. I imagine it like Diamond HOO Ha! The album starts out crisp, bright and energetic, like all Supergrass albums do, with the song, “Diamond Hoo Ha,” my personal favorite track. It’s classic Supergrass rocking out, and you can’t possibly sit still to its infectious, well-orchestrated arrangement.

Distorted guitars, keyboards, bass and singer Gaz Coomes’ signature vocals carry the entire album, all working well together. “When I Needed You” carries a cool, clear melody till the end of the track. Though Diamond Hoo Ha is definitely not as energetic as previous albums, I Should Coco and In It for the Money, it’s still a very satisfying album to Supergrass fans because it retains the original style that made this band so famous in the first place.

Christine Thelen

Lady GaGa
Just Dance
Interscope Records

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Since the new wave, when Madonna fueled the airwaves of the eighties, pop music has taken a drastic turn. But out of the boy band littered airwaves of the nineties to the recycled pop beats used today, Lady GaGa, a disco-electro artist, brings pop music back to its heyday on her debut disc, Just Dance, released on Interscope Records.

Tracks like “Dirty Rich,” “The Fame,” and “Paparrazi,” are filled with lyrics about our celebrity-obsessed culture. My favorite, “Just Dance,” makes you want to get up and bust a move, as cliché as it may sound. For a truly phenomenal pop disc, check out the indescribable Lady GaGa.

Corey Crossfield

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