THE BOOK REPORT: The Words of Every Song by Liz Moore

The Words of Every Song
Liz Moore
Random House

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The Words of Every Song is a jarring collection of vignettes that all link together in some way. The story of rockstar Tommy May and his connection to a young gay teen or to a female groupie, A&R superstar Jax Kline-Powers and her connection to Che, even the lead singer of The Burn’s connection to the other major players in the novel. At first, the division of chapters into characters feels intriguing. Personally, I thought the first chapter was the strongest and most powerful of the novel. But when it ends…it is not over. Tiny references in that chapter keep coming back and changing over time (The Burn–a tiny band mentioned in this chapter–come back later to have their own chapter). I felt at times that I wanted chapters to be left as they were. I wanted to have that little snapshot of a character. However, a later reference would tell that we are years later and something that happened in that characters life. For example, an early chapter tells of someone quitting their job and the next chapter mentions how many months it’s been since that event happened. An even later chapter in the novel brings this character back in another time frame. Sometimes, the character connections seem too convenient.

Though the time changes and character glimpses pull away from the over all story, the novel as a whole is enjoyable. I would read it every day on the subway and each story was just enough to complete my morning or nightly commute. It’s the perfect novel for the reader looking for shorter works to fill in their time. It would make a quick read for someone looking to sit down with a book.

Tania Katherine

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