THE INTERVIEW: Saving Abel’s Eric Taylor

It didn’t take long for a southern rock band from Mississippi to seduce listeners with a song about oral sex. Saving Abel, named after the Biblical story, has been noted as having influences from Lynyrd Skynyrd to AC/DC and Johnny Cash. After working on their debut album with notable producer Skidd Mills, Saving Abel impressed executives at Virgin Records, leading to a record deal in 2007. As the band performs their hit single “Addicted” throughout the country, bassist Eric Taylor took time to quickly answer some questions for Short and Sweet NYC.

What was the process like recording your self-titled album?

It was a learning experience. We have a great producer that was easy to work with.

If you had to describe the album to someone who’s never heard it, how would you explain it?

It is an album that appeals to all. You can put the album in and listen to it from the first track to the last, non-stop.

The track “Addicted” has gotten so much buzz for its catchy hook and sexual innuendos. What was the inspiration behind this song, as well as the others found in your album?

Well, I think fellatio had something to do with it…Ha Ha…it’s about being in a relationship knowing that you need to get out, but you are addicted. The song “New Tattoo” is based on an actual true event. A rowdy road trip.

Where did you get the idea to create music that to some, may sound as if they’ve heard it before?

It didn’t really come as an idea. It is just what we write. Each member in our band has a different formula to writing, but when we put it together, you get the sound that we have now.

What, in your opinion, is Southern Rock? Does Saving Abel fall under this musical genre?

Southern rock, in my opinion, is driving rock with a touch of blues and a touch of country. I think we do fall under southern rock. It’s imbedded in our blood.

Describe that fateful day in Jackson, Tennessee when A&R vet Kim Stephens saw you guys perform. What immediately came to your minds when you were signed?

Wow, I have blocked that memory from my mind. The first time Kim saw us, we played what is probably the worst show we have played to date. It was 100+ degrees and we were suffering from jetlag. Kim still had faith in us and signed us. We were excited when we heard that Virgin signed us.

Why does your debut album include new tracks and not specifically the ones originally found on your EP?

When we wrote “Addicted,” that was the sound we wanted to pursue. We wrote some more songs that matched this sound. The songs that made the album from the EP were songs that we all thought were great and we couldn’t get rid of them.

If you had to pick one band/musician to perform with, who would it be and why?

It would be Ozzy Osbourne. The man is a legend and it would be an honor to perform with him.

With so many artists coming and going in today’s music industry, do you feel that your music is going to impact listeners?

I really think that it does. We write from the heart and listeners can relate to our songs. That will always be what we do.

Stephanie Nolasco

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