Fuerza Bruta: Look Up

Fuerza Bruta: Look Up aims to juxtapose the vigor (the title means “Brute Force” in Spanish) and careless anarchy of youth, with the disheartening reality of adult life with its many hurdles and limitations.

To do this, the show intertwines two narratives. In one, a man relentlessly tries to keep on moving forward- at times literally against the elements-like a contemporary Sisyphus, futilely pushing the boulder of his individuality up the hill of everyday life. In the second narrative, performers dance or swim maniacally, without regard to form and joyously disregarding their physical surroundings.

The show’s highlight, four young women playing and swimming in a see-through pool elevated above the audience, is an ingenious and enjoyable performance that effectively captures the simple joys of youth without relying on cliché. The rest of the show, however, is unimaginative and trite at best and, as is the case when the crowd is expected to be entertained by looking at and touching a giant plastic sheet that is waved above it, puerile and cheap at worst. The 70 minutes go by pretty quickly and little lingers of the show thereafter, which, artistically speaking, is almost all brute and very little force.

To judge for yourself and for more information go to www.fuerzabrutanyc.com

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