STEVE @ The Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre, The Pershing Square Signature Center 11/14/2015

SteveMark Gerrard’s Steve is theatre at its best. Artfully directed by Cynthia Nixon, and starring Ashlie Atkinson, Mario Cantone, Jerry Dixon, Francisco Pryor Garat, Malcolm Gets and Matt McGrath you truly need to get your ass down to The Pershing Square Signature Center (as much for this limited off-Broadway engagement as to see The Pershing Square space!) and see this hour and almost one half one-act before it closes two days after Christmas.

Steve marks Mark Gerrard’s New York debut as a playwright and it is a brilliant opening. The lines and laughs come fast and furious, delivered by a group of actors who handle some very layered material with aplomb. Through the use of quick paced dialogue, “texts” flashed up on the screen, set pieces slide in and out, even some piano accompaniment and delicious elongated unspoken moments milked to the point that you’re convulsing in belly laughs, really this is one play that grabs you by the opening and never lets go.

There are those moments when material, direction, acting come together so seamlessly your left breathless by how effortless things seem. Steve is just spot-on playwriting, acted by a small cadre of well-seasoned actors working for the whole of the story, all handled with the lightest touch by a director I feel is truly coming into her own (Cynthia Nixon directed Rasheeda Speaking at the same theatre a few months back and managed just as brilliant a job on that play.)

Get to Steve early, the cast comes out for a few musical numbers before the actual play starts.

For information and to purchase tickets, please visit www.thenewgroup.org.

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