Zane Smith: Black

zaneZane Smith
(Smith Mincey Productions)

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This album Black is a depiction of Zane Smith’s thoughts while going through a depression. I read this while researching, trying to get a feel for his music. Listening to “Black Thoughts (Andale)” is evident, that is if you listen closely. His delivery is stern, but also a bit casual in comparison to the complex lyrics and ideas he’s sharing. It’s also part poetry, but it’s the part I honestly enjoy the most. This is his sophomore project, so of course I wanted to know more. I found his first album, Swatches, which I really enjoy. It was an eclectic form of rap with edge. I was able to find his first release, “Die Today, Fly Away” and a few other records as well.  In comparison to the music on Black, which is  is very blunt and to-the-point; it’s not for the faint of heart. Because I knew depression was the inspiration, I couldn’t judge it. You can feel that he’s speaking from his heart. I went back to listen to Black and played “Black Success (Aim High).” It reflected his thoughts on his mother’s expectations and how that can be pressure on any man. “Black Life (Depressed)” sounds like growing pains and clarity. It’s awareness. If you want anti-commercial music, there’s a place for that.

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