Keke Wyatt: Keke Covers

Keke Wyatt
Keke Covers
(Aratek Entertainment)

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Reality television, since it’s creation, has been a bittersweet phenomenon. It was (at least to me) supposed to bring awareness to the not-so-famous people who were unknown, but equally as talented. It also was supposed to highlight the realities of some of the most admired people in the world. Keke Wyatt, an artist who appeared on the R&B Divas show, but up until then was better known for her amazing vocals on records with R&B crooner Avant. He was responsible for her most popular vocals on the hit single, “My First Love.” She also gained popularity for her rendition of Patti LaBelles’s “If Only You Knew” as well. When it comes to vocals, KeKe Wyatt is affectionately called a beast. Her new album, Keke Covers is top stock. While she is known for R&B, she sings an array of Top 40 pop records as well. She redid “Diamonds” by Rihanna only the way she could and “Pillowtalk” by Zayn, not missing a beat. She also covers the gone-but-not-forgotten ones – Whitney Houston and Prince’s – classics “I Will Always Love You” and my favorite selection from this project, “Diamonds and Pearls.” I thoroughly enjoyed this album! She is underrated and overlooked. Sometimes having a platform isn’t beneficial if we lose sight of what is really important – the music itself. I hope this allows her fanbase and those focused on edited television to become aware of the talent. Everything else is just noise.

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