Lecrae: All Things Work Together

All Things Work Together
(Reach Records/ Columbia)

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I love a transparent man, and Lecrae is definitely that as well as a force to be reckoned with.  I’ve had my eye on him for quite some time, but for a while I slept on this exceptional artist/rapper. When the explosion of contemporary Gospel started it seemed like just a trend, but Lecrae has sustained himself for over ten years since his first release in 2004.  He released several other projects but in 2012, Gravity which won him a Grammy for Best Gospel Album and earned him top spots on several iTunes charts. This particular album is being released in the wake of controversy over his very public opinions on police brutality. Shockingly the backlash came from his own fans who before then fully supported him. Regardless of trials, he has remained resilient.

As a new fan I’m impartial to this album, but it appears to me that Lecrae had a plan all along , he was preparing his platform and waiting on the world to listen so he could say what he felt needed to be said.

All Things Work Together is his first major release from Columbia Records. “Cant Stop Me Now” is my one of my favorites on the album. It’s melodic, inspirational, and has a groovy reggae vibe.  The lyrics deal with depression, fear, self doubt, and finally hope for better days. I can play it over and over and without getting tired of it. “Blessings” (which features one of music’s featured favorite, Ty Dolla Sign) is so catchy that it transcends the Gospel genre, which is great for an artist who is probably boxed in by titles. “8:28” is an incredible song. It’s so honest you can hear the passion in his delivery. The best music is always the most personal. It also expresses universal feelings and experiences. “Always Knew” sounds so in sync with current radio hits, I forgot I was still listening to Christian music. To some that may be a bad thing, but for me its the complete opposite. It breaks stereotypes and stigmas of what Christian music should or shouldn’t be. “Lucked up” kept my head nodding as well. I could rock to it and I can appreciate that. We are in the era of musical freedom and Lecrae seems like he’s found his. I’m here for all of it, because in the end All Things Work Together.

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