Sisters of Mercy – Some Girls Wander By Mistake

Sisters of Mercy
Some Girls Wander By Mistake
(Warner Music UK)

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The 4 LP re-issue of Sisters of Mercy’s Some Girls Wander By Mistake focuses on the early years of the band’s career.

It includes an array of singles, a few remixes, and an extended version of “Temple of Love.” Every track embodies a truly ’80s sound, and that’s a large part of the band’s charm.

You can throw on these records and drown in goth nostalgia. “Phantom” moves with echoing percussion, sparse guitars, and other cavernous sounds that Sisters of Mercy fans are undoubtedly familiar with. The guitar heavy “Floorshow” shows off the band’s slightly frantic and urgent side with a fast pace and some screaming vocals. The instrumental “Lights” will definitely take you back with its slightly slower pace, drudging guitars, and gloomy atmosphere all topped off with echoing and ominous vocals.

If you want to talk genres, “The Damage Done” sounds a little bit post-punk and a little bit no wave). Simple guitar lines, and a steady beat weave in, out, and through Andrew Eldritch’s distinct vocals. “Adrenochrome” is similar, but fast-paced ’80s style futuristic post-punk (think Joy Division) with more cavernous percussion.

There’s a truly unique and slightly sinister cover of The Rolling Stones’ “Gimme Shelter,” which was first released in the early ’80s on the Temple of Love 12″ single.

In classic Sisters of Mercy style, Some Girls Wander By Mistake offers up dark lyrics (with equally dark vocal delivery from Eldritch), driving beats beloved by goth kids, and non-stop guitar action.

Some Girls Wander By Mistake isn’t for garnering new fans of this already established band, but it is a portrait of their early days, a treat for any long time fan, and a great addition to your collection.

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