Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey’s “Dancing the Edge to Reclaiming Your Reality: Essential Life Skills for Gaslighting (and Trauma) Survivors” Book Launch

Sure, it’s fun catching a dirty download (back in the day it was DVD’s) before it’s released. I just love interviewing porn stars, cam girls, dominatrix’s, erotica writers. Let me review a new dildo or clit stimulator and you won’t see me for a whole weekend! But I have to admit, there are those places I go, books I read, clips I see certainly people I meet who stand out. Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey is one such person.

Dr. Lori is a sex and intimacy coach, psychologist, author, podcast host, lecturer, and workshop facilitator, and just about the most down-to-earth lady you are likely to find plumbing the depths of our sex, sexual identity, and self-expression. She is also a super lovely person and gives just about the best conversation you are ever likely to have. I have been lucky to have been on one of her podcasts, “Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey’s Erotic Library,” two times and once even got to read one of my naughty short stories there. I also returned the favor when M. Christian and I had Dr. Lori call into our Licking Non-Vanilla podcast.

Like I say, there are just some people, places and things that rise a little bit higher than others in my memory; my times with the ”good doctor” (who also happens to be adorable…and if that’s sexist to note, well, fuck you very much, Dr. Lori is all that and a bag of chips!) are always so empowering and enlightening.

Dr. Lori is hosting a virtual book release launch for her latest title: Dancing the Edge to Reclaiming Your Reality: Essential Life Skills for Gaslighting (and Trauma) Survivors. The get-together happens on January 30th, starting at 3 pm EST, and runs until 11 pm eastern that day and knowing and adoring Dr. Lori as I do, this is something you won’t want to miss.

Lori says this about her latest book:

“I am so excited about this new book, and I cannot wait to share it with you. So often, people come to see me thinking they are broken. In 33 years of working with people, the vast majority were not broken. They were missing skills. In this book, I highlight the skills so many people are missing (or just aren’t very good at) and help you to learn them and learn how and when to apply them.”

Once you have registered (and you can do so here), you can drop in when you like and stay as long as you like. Dr. Lori will manage at least one reading from Dancing the Edge to Reclaiming Your Reality: Essential Life Skills for Gaslighting (and Trauma) Survivors. She might even read from her memoir, which was released in May; that memoir prompted her to write this new book. She also promises games, exercises, and prizes.

Really, there’s nobody I’d rather play games with than Lori Bisbey.

(Is this sexist? Fuck it, it’s true!)

Dr. Lori has so much to offer: wonderful guests reading on her podcasts; fiction and non-fiction books you can delve into and warm yourself with; a guiding light through the madness that is these so stressful times to shine understanding and compassion on what might ail you sexually.

Get yourself to Dr. Lori Bisbey’s January 30th event (register here), pick up her new book Dancing the Edge to Reclaiming Your Reality: Essential Life Skills for Gaslighting (and Trauma) Survivors here. You can seek out the rest of what Dr. Lori has to offer, here.

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