Lord Sonny the Unifier: All New Information

Lord Sonny the Unifier
All New Information
(Lord Sonny the Unifier)

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An early-70’s Bowie-like piano with a low grumbly bass gets us into the first tune here, “(All My Friends Live) Underground” from Lord Sonny the Unifier’s new EP All New Information. This noisy (in a great way) overdriven wacky musical making outfit is led by Gregory Jiritano. He and his players deliver a punk, space-rock, slightly Brechtian musical brew across these four.

“Knockout” follows with its overdriven singular purpose, more wonderful wild guitar noises, and almost chanting in the choruses making this another fun one.

Things slow down (slightly) with some twinkly atmosphere (and again great bass playing) on the next tune, “I Love You World.” I am sure one will either dig (or not) how Lord Sonny gurgles forth his wry delivery. Still, the rising harmonies and instrument counterpoint, especially the guitars with their almost Mick Ronson sensibility, reminds me of Bowie yet again. Here is also the best vocal of all of these, I feel. It’s my most favorite tune on All New Information.

A dark, danceable “Pay The Man (When You Leave)” ends with a floating theremin-like single-note tickle from keys behind the talking-vocal chorus. Another strange dark tune on an EP full of them. All New Information is great dark driven fun stuff.

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