GNL Zamba: The Spear

GNL Zamba
The Spear
(Baboon Forest Entertainment)

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A blistering quick metallic stomping beat and heavy fast rap set off “Africa,” the first tune off GNL Zamba’s new release, The Spear. This Ugandan Rap Icon—real name Ernest Tulye Nsimbi Lupiazitta Zamba—has enjoyed a career spanning over a decade, has released super popular albums in his home country, and boasts over 50 music awards. As founder of the Baboon Forest brand, GNL Zamba shares himself beyond the stage and studio creating global platforms and opportunities to empower local communities. He is also an advocate for the environment, filmmaker, and social entrepreneur. Rest assured, the man has lots to say across these ten tracks.

The cool beat-making from drummer Tony Austin continues on the next tune, “Black Ceasar ft Black Shakespeare,” while we get big horns and Dante Pascuzzo’s fantastic running bass riffing moving “No Borders,” along.  Uganda chants inform the background of “Sweet Uganda (Star Taffa),” while “Wake The Fuck Up” employs slippery keys and a snappy beat behind the rap, one of the more infectious here, without saying much actually.

We are back to the quick heavy rap, and heavy metallic stomping on “Who Got The Power,” while a heavily distorted guitar riff rolls over the top of ender, “Zim Zim Bombo.” The drumming on this album is especially solid, and GNL Zamba’s got a lot on his mind, and a snazzy way of saying it.

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