MUSIC REVIEW: Priscilla Ahn EP


Priscilla Ahn
Priscilla Ahn
Blue Note

In a run up to the summer release (June 10th) of her debut full-length A Good Day (Blue Note), California singer/songwriter Priscilla Ahn dropped a five song EP that gives listeners a taste of her lilting indie folk sound. Ani DiFranco fans are likely to latch on to Ahn’s rainy day melodies and stories of broken hearts worn on sleeves.

There’s melancholy throughout, but the sentimental songwriter uses it largely to her advantage. “Rain,” one of the disc’s strongest tunes, is an all around first-class production. Ahn’s pretty hushed vocals are front and center as a guitar gently joins in and leads the way.

If the five songs on her EP are any indication, Priscilla Ahn should have no trouble convincing listeners to give her upcoming LP a try.

Amy Wagner

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