Kiehl’s Scented Lip Balms


Kiehl’s is an over 150-years-old once-apothecary in New York City, and no doubt a household name among the skincare-savvy. Among this institution’s newest products are these lip-balm spin-offs, which include the scents of coconut, vanilla, and mango, among others. This reviewer, typically partial to vanilla, was pleasantly surprised by the coconut, but wishes she hadn’t used the mango, as it would have been an excellent re-gift.

For those already familiar with Kiehl’s original lip balm, the new scented versions are very much similar in consistency, need for continuous re-application, and resulting momentary glossy look. My chief complaint; however, is the design of the applicator itself, as a recent re-discovery of my old Kiehl’s tube buried in the base of a winter coat pocket reminded me that the flat, somewhat sharp tip of the current product is missing the smooth application guaranteed by the slightly-angled, smoother tip of my Kiehl’s lip-balm of past.

Still, so long as lip balm remains a staple in this bitter bitter weather and Kiehl’s continues to deliver on it’s 150 years of consistent quality products, these scented spin-offs are sure to carry on the tradition of relieving New Yorker’s chapped lips for here on forward.

Jessica Stein

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