DVD REVIEW: The Watchmen (The Complete Motion Comic)


The Watchmen (The Complete Motion Comic)
(Warner Home Video)

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Was The Watchmen (The Complete Motion Comic) DVD created as a way to introduce the breath-taking artwork of this groundbreaking classic to a new generation or was it meant to give a little primer to the legions of modern movie goers who just don’t read anymore? In either case, one of the best features of this animated comic was the free movie ticket it came with. I always appreciate a good bribe.

The Watchmen comic is literally taken page for page and transformed into a semi-animated piece panel by panel. The actual artwork looks fantastic, presented in a much higher resolution that the original water-color style of the comic. One voice narrates the entire work, with a few feeble attempts to do the female character in a higher pitch.

As for the animation itself, call me a comic book purist, but nothing compares to holding an actual printed comic and turning the pages and inhaling the experience at my leisure. This is especially true with this ground-breaking classic, where the exquisitely dark style of the artwork and story have to be slowly savored over a few sittings.

The animation team did an absolutely splendid job, but it is still not a real animated movie. This is a tightly budgeted promotional kit, meant to convince you to go see the movie, but they could have just skipped the animation and sent me the free ticket if that’s all they wanted.

Adam J. Rodriguez

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