Noodle & Boo Glowology: The Balm


Noodle & Boo sounds more like a children’s game than a beauty product. If a kid’s game involves dipping your hands in whipped butter, then The Balm is for you ($24, 6.5 oz). The Balm comes from the Glowology line by Noodle & Boo and glowology is defined as “the art of celebrating the beauty in every woman.” What lip balm is to dry lips, the Balm is to hands and feet, providing exceptional softening and hydration. The Balm is all natural with ingredients like organic shea butter, sunflower, bilberry, lemon, orange, sugar cane, and sugar maple. You could almost whip it up into something edible with ingredients like that! I used the lotion morning and night on my hands and after a week, my hands were smoother and hydrated. Due to its texture, I also used the lotion following a pedicure for a foot massage working the product into my feet and calves. While it is extremely hydrating, it doesn’t absorb immediately and takes some working into the skin. The only other shortcoming is the $24 price point, but The Balm is the bomb of lotions.


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