Beauty For The Twi-Hards


For all of you ladies who are die-hard Twilight fans and ran out to see the first screenings of the New Moon film, Nordstrom’s is exclusively launching the new Luna Twilight Cosmetics Collection. So whether you’re a fan of “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob,” it has something for all Twi-hard fans.

Luna Twilight Mortal Glow Blushing Cream ($20). This breakthrough blend of mousse and cream blush glides on effortlessly for a satin finish that perfectly emulates a vampire’s ethereal glow.

Luna Twilight First Light Body Glow ($34). Highlight collarbones, arms and legs with a light-weight, hydrating body illuminator that leaves skin dazzling.

Luna Twilight DuWup Lip Venom ($16). Apply this Venom-laced lip conditioner for a crimson stained pout with an intensely potent bite.

Luna Twilight Moonshadows Eyeshadow ($20). Smudge on this duel shimmer and cream shadow for a mysterious smokey eye effect.

DaVe Lipp

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