The Daily Shortlist December 28


Location: Chelsea, NYC
Bands: 2009 IT SUCKED! Awards
Show time: 9:30 PM
Venue: Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre
Food: Pop Burger
Drink: Gaslight Lounge
Miscellaneous: Amy’s Bread

The cast at the UCB celebrate all the lows this year in their 2009 IT SUCKED! Awards. From unemployment to the death of Michael Jackson and everything else, all the lows are awarded. Burger joint in the front, upscale lounge in the back, the menu at Pop Burger includes basics like 2 pop burgers for $5 for a quick fix or if your lounging, the likes of tuna tartar with soy truffle jus ($15). The Gaslight Lounge, a great hotspot bar in the meatpacking district, is dark and cozy while affordable for the area. If you don’t know Amy’s Bread, when you order a sandwich at a café or restaurant in the city, ask where they got the bread. There’s a good chance it’s from Amy’s because she’s one of the best bread makers in the city.

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