Federico Aubele @ Joe’s Pub, 2/14/10


A portrait of love, Federico Aubele and his wife Natalia Clavier personified harmony and compassion. Together they played an assortment of tunes from Aubele’s past albums as well as a couple of Clavier’s melodies. Each time, the Argentinian born singer-songwriter coaxed sultry sounds from his acoustic guitar. Vocals often included both Aubele and Clavier, an intimate union which best displayed the natural expression of romance inherent in Spanish language. The type of music was made for Valentine’s Day. Joe’s Pub brimmed with couples edging closer and closer to each other as Aubele’s set continued. Attending an Aubele show is a privileged glimpse into the natural way he blends dub, bolero, reggae, ambient, rock, and tango. The results are an enticing mélange that engages all parts of the human experience with music and, on this particular day, with love. “It’s such a vast and huge theme, love. You can approach it in different ways,” said Aubele in an interview with ESL Music. “Love is such an important thing for every human being, whether we notice it or not. We all experience it at least once in life.”

Nicole Velasco

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