SXSW Day 3, @ Austin, Texas, 3/19/10


Seeing all these phenomenal bands in one place is just ridiculous and thank god for that! That’s the beauty of SXSW. Woke up super early to check out the Pitchfork show at Emo’s today.


To start, Warpaint, a female led group out of L.A. were in full force and played some amazing new instrumental songs off their upcoming full length on Rough Trade records. They didn’t play their beautifully lush song “Billie Holiday” but they did a fantastic job live. They added a new female drummer, so for the moment Warpaint is now an all gal band. If you haven’t heard them before, run to your record store and pick it up now.

Local Natives
Local Natives put on a very tight set. The crowd went bonkers when the band went into “Wide Eyes” off their album Gorilla Manor.

Washed Out
Seems like out of nowhere the term “Chill Wave” popped up and now some of my favorite bands are thrown into the category. Speaking of the term, Washed Out AKA Ernest Greene started off his set with a mellow blend of looped electronics and reverb drenched vocals that had the crowd swooning. This kind of minimal electronics with a dance music approach is what I guess the genre is about. After a solo set his backing band, Brooklyn’s Small Black joined in making the songs jump out into the audience. The crowd went wild for “Feel It All Around” and “Hold Out.”

I think the highlight of the day was going for a beer and seeing Gwar walking around the enclosed outdoor area in full Gwar outfits drinking beer, talking to fans, and having their pictures taken with everyone. Thank god they didn’t have a bucket of fake blood with them!

Memory Tapes
Brooklyn’s Memory Tapes AKA Dayve Hawk, also part of the Chill Wave movement jammed on stage with a live drummer while singing and playing guitar. He closed his set with “Bicycle” and played an amazing and extended guitar solo. The track played on for over ten minutes! Not a bad way to end a full day of music!

Words by DaVe Lipp | Photos by Kevin Serra.

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