Greg Ginn and The Texas Corrugators @ Zebulon, 4/20/10


The sound of punk pushed down the sidewalk hitting me head-on as I walked up Wythe Ave toward Zebulon Café Concert that damp Tuesday night to see Greg Ginn, formally with Black Flag, but presently with The Texas Corrugators, play.

Arriving at the heavy front door I passed what I thought might be a doorman in the form of a skinny hipster kid with a red beanie and a cigarette, but as I reached for my wallet to show my ID he looked away. Taking that as my cue I opened the front door and walked into a wall of sound.

In front of me, with the door closing behind, stood Cinema Cinema’s singer and sole guitar player, Ev Gold, ripping as hard as he could, yelling inaudible lyrics while the drummer, Paul Claro, beat the living hell out of his kit. The sparse crowd sat in quiet amazement while Gold played in one continuous movement. The look on their face’s were priceless, a mix of confusion and shock in reaction to the volume and lack of pause. It was hard to tell if this was an improv set or if he was playing written material.

Ten minutes after sitting and ordering a beer, my ears hurt so bad I stepped outside for some fresh air. Back inside though the set had ended as Gold slammed his guitar on the ground, bringing the music to a scratching halt. Walking back inside the house, music came up.

“That was the loudest thing I’ve ever heard!” The bartender said. Laughing, I sat and looked at my beer to wait. After a short time, Greg Ginn and The Texas Corrugators took to the landing for their show. Ginn opened with a free form jazz solo on the bass with his guitar player, Gary Piazza, and drummer, Sean Hutchinson, joining in and completing their Grateful Dead/Phish jam-band/avant-garde jazz sound.

As the show wore on the crowd started to fill in as a low rent Phish style song went “Bouncing Around The Room.” I sat waiting for a rendition of the star spangled banner, while everyone else loved it, giving wolf cries to the five-minute drum solo. Maybe I was out of touch.

Trying to figure out what I had been missing, I realized what it was. The musicianship was amazing. Between the lengthy solos and completely improvisational set I had found a piece I liked.

As the set closed out it was time for the CSC Funk Band who took the stage and started in on what was surprisingly “Ska.” Playing a 30 set, Ginn joined in to finish out the night.

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