Street Boners, 1764 Hipster Fashion Jokes

Street Boners, 1764 Hipster Fashion Jokes
By Gavin McInnes
(Grand Central Publishing)

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It’s not often that I laugh aloud while reading a book.

I dare you to get all the way through Street Boners, 1764 Hipster Fashion Jokes, without some heartfelt guffaws. If your picture is in this thick soft cover you will either be happy-and take the joke as intended-or feel violated, and I’m sure either reaction would work for compiler and ex co-founder of Vice magazine Gavin McInnes.

Somehow the guy managed to gather 1,200 photos, plus some wry commentary by super-cool celebs like Fred Armisen, Chloe Sevigny and Debbie Harry over these fashion do-nots. There is a rather snarky “kitten-based” rating system for the clothes and people wearing them, a ‘history of cool’ section and mini-city guides who expound about cities like Paris and L.A.

Mainly though, the book is about the snapshot small pictures and Gavin’s snippets of comments below each one. We get pretty girls dressed like tramps, tramps dressed like bums and too-cool-for-school hipsters dressing like, who knows what. Despite the Devil Wears Prada philosophy marketing mavens setting trends for commerce, I have often maintained that fashion really doesn’t exist, that the aesthetics of dress, hairstyle etc. are subjective. I think McInnes feels this way as well, commenting wryly on his off-the-street snapshots, having less fun at other’s people expenses and more by sending-up the silly idea that any of us should ever really care about what other people might be wearing.

Pick up Street Boners 1764 Hipster Fashion Jokes for a good time.

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