Linfinity: Martian’s Bloom


Martian’s Bloom
(American Myth Recordings)

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Linfinity is one of those bands that defies genre, not because the songs have unusual arrangements, but because they slip between the barriers fluidly. At any given moment, the band’s debut LP Martian’s Bloom can channel the melodic folk of Fleet Foxes, the nostalgic rock of Eddie Vedder, or the gypsy indie vibe of DeVotchKa. Punchy violin and viola flirt with airy keyboards to make sure that this album has a song for everyone this summer, no matter the mood.

Martian’s Bloom begins with “Southern Belles,” a subtle opener that demonstrates the band’s musical strengths. As the lyrics are repeated, the chemistry quietly mounts with Dylan Von Wagner changing inflection and instruments stacking on top of one another. Sound sometimes takes preference over logic, with rhyming lyrics more prevalent than metaphors that can immediately connect for an audience. However, when there’s a sharp one, it immediately drives home, such as “Calamity ring recall / the way Humphrey loved Bacall” (“Molly Mar of Rome”). Clocking in at just under an hour, the album is loaded with songs that feel like the perfect length, nothing cut off too soon or stretched into pointless jam sessions. Covering topics as universal as love and war, Martian’s Bloom combines modern themes with classic musical elements to make it a must have.

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