Krishna Das: Heart As Wide As The World

Krishna Das
Heart As Wide As The World
(Nettwerk Records)

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A classic East meets West – Heart As Wide As The World by Krishna Das beautifully merges traditional kirtan (devotional chanting) with Western melodies and rock-and-roll beats. Joining the ranks of genre favorites such as Deva Primal and Miten, as well as Girish, Krishna Das delivers a heartful and soulful collection to include well-known yoga chants, such as “Sri Ram Jai Ram,” “Narayana,” and “Sitaram,” in Heart As Wide As The World. The album opens softly with the song “My Foolish Heart” with beginning lyrics “My foolish heart/Why do you weep?/You throw yourself away again/Now you cry yourself to sleep.” Listening to the first lines only, it could easily be mistaken for a rock ballad, yet a few chords in, the tempo quickly rises, as an electric guitar is mixed in, and the choral-like chanting begins.

The album itself provides a whole range of meditative tracks such as “Narayana” and “Shiva Puja & Chant,” with both songs staying true to its traditional roots, yet mixing modernized guitar lines along with clashing drum beats. In the title track “Heart As Wide As The World” there’s a moving and heartfelt element to the song through the lyrics and chanting that easily pulls listeners in a calm and peaceful state. Another one of my favorite tracks “Hallelujah Shri Ram” with the background chanting, relaxing beats and soothing tempo, is very easy to listen to and to lose oneself in the simple melody. Finally, another highlight track includes “Sitaram” for its simplicity and straightforward mantra, as well as its lightness and mixed-tempos.

Whether or not you are a long-time fan of Yoga music, or have never tried it before, Krishna Das’s Heart As Wide As The World delivers classic traditional kirtan in a modernized and familiar rock-and-roll backdrop making the album easy to listen to as well as heart opening.

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