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Talking to Walls: We Were Not So Tall

Talking To Walls
We Were Not So Tall

The mellow sounds of the Talking to Walls album We Were Not So Tall is easy to be lulled into. The band just spent the last few months touring the East Coast, where I’m sure they were proving how damn good their music is. There is great heart and a sense of humor in these songs, a feeling which is also displayed all across their website, which devoutly caters to their fans.

With influences like The Cure, Talking to Walls’ sound ranges from garage to indie rock. The mature rhyme schemes belt out the universal feelings of emotional pain and relationship heartache. “Crossed My Mind” depicts the frustrations of not being able to apologize. “Song for Megan” is the upbeat tune in the bunch, and features rousing lyrics with a bagpipe melody that will surely put a smile on your face!

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