THE SEX FILES: Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2, a DVD review


I ‘came by’ Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2 from Vivid this week and thought it worth a review. Though I write about adult stuff I find I’m not really a purveyor of porn films, but this chock-full DVD, boasting “twice the fetish…same award-winning director” (it is a sequel after all) is fun hot stuff. In this day and age of VOD (video on demand) and other on-line content, it’s nice to find a DVD that gives one a little jolt and a kinky one at that.

The DVD features 8 women in six different fantasies. The first is two women engaged in dom/sub play in a kitchen with a birthday cake the sub has baked for her mistress (use your imagination) and girl-on-girl naughtiness. From here we see some hetero coupling, again with a dom/sub dynamic; two girls again (featuring some specifically rough grabbing and slapping); Ponygirl Madison being put through her paces in what is probably the most blatantly kinky scene of the whole grouping; a pure bondage scene with a man and woman both having their way with their bound slave and the very last “Poker” featuring adult actress Sinnamon in all her crawling-around-the-floor-glory. We hear from the girls and guys before the scenes about the kink they are enacting and how they have come to incorporate this kind of play into their lives and the DVD’s special features include a photo gallery, a ‘behind-the-scenes’ section and two “safe sex featurettes.”

The last scene with Sinnamon brought about a very interesting point I had never realized. In the interview with the fetching black girl before the scene she described how when she has done BDSM scenes before, they were almost always interracial; her ‘top’ or dom was almost always a white male. Sinnamon related how she read and heard plenty of criticism from the black porn community for this, so in her scene here, which centers around her servicing a poker party, the men Sinnamon plays with are all African American.  I never knew how (or even if) racism appeared in porn, but I guess the white-man-doming-the-black-girl is such an accepted scenario we never really see that maybe it hints at a stereotype. And who says you can’t learn from porn?

As they usually do, the good folks at Vivid have produced another top notch product with Tristan Taormino’s Rough Sex 2. Sure, it’s a porn DVD, there’s plenty of sex here, but it’s obvious from the interviews and the details in the scenes that this is not just a bunch of naughty vignettes layered on top of one another or a sad attempt at wrapping an insipid plot through all the action. Rough Sex 2 is about showing the viewer some kinky scenarios well played with people who know this stuff well.

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