Colbie Caillat on being part of Lillith Fair, influences, and more!

Colbie has always been a ray of sunshine with a voice like honey, but this young, yet mature songstress is as hot as ever right now. After recently singing the national anthem for the Major League Baseball All Star Game only weeks ago and wrapping up a summer tour with Lilith Fair, Colbie is currently busy touring and promoting her upcoming album All Of You set to come out in early 2011. Daughter of a producer, the talented Miss Caillat credits Fleetwood Mac, one of the bands her father Ken produced for, as one of her strongest musical influences. It’s no wonder she sang a cover of “Go Your Own Way” as an encore at her show August 14th at the House of Blues in Atlantic City.

Can you remember the first concert you ever went to?

Fleetwood Mac at the Hollywood Bowl! My parents took my sister and I when we were younger. My next concert was Dave Matthews Band with my sis and her friends.

Who and/or what inspires your music as a songwriter?

I loved Lauren Hill’s voice and I would always walk around singing her songs. Bob Marley, John Mayer, I really listened to them a lot, and still do.  As for songwriting, once my father told me how important it would be, I took the chance and started to write my own material. Now it’s one of my favorite things to do and I have a career because of it!

You’re trapped on a dessert island and you can only have 1 food, 1 person, and one CD.  What are they?

Mexican food (if that’s allowed), my boyfriend Justin, and Bob Marley Legend.

Do you think your father Ken’s career in the music industry inspired you to become a musician?

I was around music all the time, it was just natural for me. it was my dad’s business, just the same as if he had been a teacher, and I was in a classroom- only it was a musical classroom.  So, I was always singing. In fact, one day, when I was just visiting the studio one of the producers he worked with, Mikal Blue, heard me humming background vocals and he started using me to record on his music.  Mikal eventually produced my first album, Coco.  My dad, of course, made a huge contribution to my career by telling me that it was really important that I write my own songs.

I have to admit, my favorite song of yours is “Falling For You.”  What is your favorite song that you’ve written to date?

I love “I Never Told You” and a song that’s on my new album coming out this February called “All of You”!

What direction can we expect this album to take?

Same style music as Coco and Breakthrough. These songs are a little more up beat I think. And they are songs about my life this past year. Love, friendships, dreams. I hope to continue to grow lyrically and musically, it will be the same Colbie that my fans know.

I loved your collaborations “Lucky” with Jason Mraz and “Breathe” with Taylor Swift.  Who do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

I would love to work with Common, or a hip hop or R&B artist! I love that kind of music and want to branch out on my next record. At least on one song.

Now that you have completed your summer tour with Lilith Fair, would you do it again?  What was it like singing alongside Sheryl Crow?

I would love to do it in a heartbeat, it was such an amazing experience. Singing with her was surreal because I grew up listening to her music and back in the 1990’s one of my first concerts was Lilith. Sheryl is amazing live and such a sweet woman!

You have been very active with good causes lately, participating in the Women In Film event and VHI Save the Music.  What other causes are you passionate about?

I support the Surfrider Foundation and support a clean and natural marine environment. I also support Farm Sanctuary, protection of farm animals and animal adoption and my dog Plum is an adoptee!

I loved your rendition of Blondie’s “Maria” for the Levi’s Pioneer Sessions.  What female artist do you most identify with or admire?

I have to say that Lauren Hill had the most impact, her voice is inspiring, soulful and full of melody. Sheryl Crow as well.

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