Delta Spirit: Waits Room EP


Delta Spirit
Waits Room EP
(Rounder Records)

Delta Spirit has delivered us an early Christmas present in the form of their newest EP entitled Waits Room. The title is inspired by the room the EP was recorded in, a former closet that Tom Waits converted into a unique tracking room/echo chamber at Prairie Studios in Cotati, CA.

Within the first few moments of the EP, you realize why the band chose their recording location. If intimate is what they were going for, they achieved it. You feel very close in proximity to these songs and the band behind them.

The five-song package includes two new tracks used as bookends. Starting with bluegrass ballad “The Flood” and ending with slow burner “My Dream,” with the former boasting some impeccable harmonies.

The goods in between include stripped-down and acoustic versions of “Bushwick Blues” and “The Devil Knows You’re Dead” along with a fiery blues-laden version of “John Henry” that is assuredly making a few rock legends envious from their graves.

If you enjoyed History from Below as much as I did, give yourself the gift of the season and check out Waits Room.

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