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Admittedly, it took me quite a few turns of this album to truly appreciate it. Upon first listen, I immediately dismissed it as robotic-techno that’s trying too hard. But once you allow your ears to truly listen to the intricate elements of which each song is comprised, it somehow manages to grow on you.

This self-titled album is ESKMO’s first full-length release on Ninja Tune Records and consists of 13 tracks that are full of new wave/acid beats and distorted, dub-step glitches. The lyrics, in their simplicity, somehow fit into place, (although several tracks are instrumental).

Highlights include, “We Got More” and “Moving Glowstream,” both of which are lyrically comprised of seven words or less, and each beautifully composed to have you entranced in a twist-and-pull sway of subtle rapture. Other notable tracks are “The Melody” and “My Gears Are Starting to Tremble,” the last and longest track lyrically.

ESKMO is the alias of Brendan Angelidesm, who has collaborated with and done remixes for artists like Amon Tobin, Spor, Swan, Mew, Bibio, STS9, Backdraft, Sub Swara, Bar 9, Afghan Headspin and Welder, while making appearances on various record labels like Bassrock, Downbeat and Ancestor.

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