THE TOP 5: Williamsburg Bars


The Brooklyn community connected to the Lower East Side via the Williamsburg Bridge is the hottest stomping ground for hipsters and young indie New York immigrants alike. It’s no wonder the restaurant scene is being built up to match the staggering rents, even though the atmosphere still maintains its ambiance that is just bohemian enough for 20 and 30 somethings who want to explore the city. Take an empty Saturday and get off the Bedford stop on the L and just start wandering around; you are destined to love whatever you find, especially the five to follow.

Brooklyn Bowl (61 Wythe Avenue)
This ultimate impress-a-date spot is the best of all worlds as it features a funky bowling alley with leather couches, a bar that serves local beers and praiseworthy Blue Ribbon fried chicken, and a concert venue all in one. It’s not rare to see Questlove spinning there on a random Thursday so check out the website for event dates. Be careful though, all these activities can add up, especially the bowling which is $25 per half hour plus cost of shoes and drinks. For more information:

Brooklyn Brewery (79 North 11th Street)
If you are down for some daytime drinking and relaxing this venue comes highly recommended. Take a group of your best friends, a pack of cards, and a couple bucks and you can stay occupied for hours. Picnic tables fill the room and you can buy beer by the token at the bar. Tours run every hour during the day on Saturdays and Sundays for those who want a break from the drinking. Or for a change of pace check out Friday’s happy hour which offers 6 beer tokens for $20, a great deal for you and a friend/date. Food ordered outside and well-behaved pets are both allowed on premise as well. For more information:

Bembe (81 South 6th Street, Corner of Berry Street)
This diverse club made of 90% recycled materials is easy to miss but once you know what’s inside, you’ll never be able to pass it up again. The vibe is hot and fun but in a low key way and the music is global with tantalizing beats, causing you to feel like you just left the city and planted yourself in an authentic Caribbean club. Drinks are reasonably priced but potent, and the fresh watermelon rum drinks are not to be missed. An added bonus is the local artwork that is displayed in support of eclectic artists in the Brooklyn area. For more information:

The Counting Room (44 Berry Street)
This classy exposed brick wall version of a pub boasts a large flat screen ideal for game watching but fun slightly gourmet snacks and beers worthy of foodies everywhere. Especially fun snacks include a warm bag of croutons, crostini, or an array of meat and cheese trays to choose from. All foods are fresh and are presented beautifully, with generous portions best paired with a wine from their extensive list, or one of the few well-selected beers or cocktails. Service is great and it’s the kind of bar where you hope everybody knows your name. For more information:

Lucky Dog (303 Bedford Avenue)
If you like dogs and you love PBR then this should be next on your list. The vibe is laid back, so much so that patrons often bring their pups to hang out on the floor or eat free dog treats from the treat dispensing bubble gum machine while they sip cheap cold PBRs or reasonably priced mixed drinks. Among choosing from the 20 beers on tap, you can also enjoy a game of a shuffleboard inside or hang out on the back deck. For more information:

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