Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Collection


I have to be honest, when I first received Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Collection for review, I was equally as excited  as I was nervous. I love Kiehl’s products and use the Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF daily, so the idea of trying out the cleanser and cream from the same line was exciting. However, my previous experience with toners, mostly from my teenage years, was not great. The toners I knew were abrasive, harsh, and left my skin too dry for any moisturizer to help. Ultimately, I wanted to give the entire collection a try, so committed myself to using it for a week.

The cleanser was a thick cream with a mild scent that left my skin feeling clean. The toner was hardly like any alcohol-scented toner I remembered from my adolescence. Surprisingly gentle, it removed remaining residue and lived up to its promise to “not over-dry or strip skin of its natural oils.” The cream, a 24-hour hydrator, is a richer version of their daily moisturizer. It soothed my skin after a long day of make-up and left it feeling protected throughout the night.

All three items contain Kiehl’s signature ingredient, botanically-derived squalane, which mimics skin’s natural moisturizing lipids. The starter kits are attractively priced at $24.50 (with cream) and $29.50 (with SPF moisturizer).

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