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Hatchet II
(Dark Sky Films)
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Hatchet II is the R-rated horror flick from director Adam Green, starring Danielle Harris (Halloween,) Tony Todd (Candyman,) Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th,) Tom Holland (horror director/screenwriter,) Parry Shen (Better Luck Tomorrow) an A.J. Bowen (The House of the Devil.)

A sequel to the original film, Hatchet II opens with Marybeth (Harris) luckily escaping from swamp-ghost madman Victor Crowley (Hodder.) She goes to Reverend Zombie (Todd) seeking advice, and learns why Victor is a “repeater,” or a ghost that keeps coming back, as well as her own family history in relation to Victor’s death.

In order to retrieve her dead family members from Crowley’s territory, Marybeth goes along with Reverend Zombie’s plan of assembling a small group of hunters in order to catch and kill Crowley, with a reward of $500. As the group enters the swamp and night falls, they better hope an alligator catches them first.

As a movie-lover who isn’t fond of gore and has lost much faith in the horror genre, I was pleasantly surprised with this film. Perhaps I’ve witnessed too many horror flicks where a director shoves in so much gore that you forget the plot and storyline, not to mention the gore being too sickening or laughable. Here, Green uses the tool of blood “tastefully,” in that he provides genre fans the dose they need, while also remembering other important elements in a film, such as dialogue and character building. Plus, he included several horror icons in his cast (see above), which made for an interesting film overall.

While it’d be wise to watch the first installment, it isn’t needed to still enjoy this one. And if a third Hatchet is created, perhaps we’ll know the validity of Reverend Zombie’s “repeater” theory.

The Hatchet II Unrated Director’s Cut DVD also features Production Audio Commentary with director Adam Green, cinematographer Will Barratt and make-up effects supervisor Robert Pendergraft, as well as Cast Audio Commentary with the director an actors Kane Hodder and Tony Todd, and more.

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