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With all that comes at us online, it’s nice to have a depository or two to point us in the right direction through all the kink and naughtiness…or at least help with our research because, let’s face it, we only go to dirty websites for research, right? Then there’s brand new places that have come online we might want to peruse to. So what I give you this week is a little round-up of some sites you might want to check-out.

I’m not sure if this site is mocking the popular dating site “Plenty Of Fish” but http://www.fetishfish.com/main.html is a depository that helps one “make informed choices about the fetish paysites you pick to join.” They sound a little bit like ole Joe Friday from Dragnet giving you “the facts, hook, line and sinker including fetishistic purity for a kinkier and better fetish experience on the Net,” but they lead-off with the top three sites of whatever specific interest you have, boasting a list that runs from soft stuff like “Spanking,” “Cartoons” and “Legs” to those of a more specialized variety like “Braces,” “Granny,” and the ever-popular “Fist.” Seeing as all the searching here comes free, one has to assume FF is making money from other sources, so I can’t speak to how non-bias their reviews are. Still, it’s nice to have all this access in one place.
Found under http://www.allspankingblogs.com/ this site boasts a “filtered list of quality adult spanking sites” Their hand-picked links include “Professional Disciplinarians,” “Spanking Art & Fiction” and the best spanking blogs listed alphabetically. Promoting blogs as it does, ASB seems to be put together by true spanking aficionados updating on a regular basis, calling for input as much as offering their opinions. Their featured spots “Spankable Babe Galleries,” “F/M Spanking World,” and “Spank Buzz” actually take you to sites that are either advertising here or ASP is trying to push. Still it’s a pretty good site.
There’s a new gay male endeavor (thought I was only about the hetero huh?) being launched by George Duroy, the founder of the award-winning, Prague-based gay adult studio BelAmi. His magazine-style website features photos, videos and interviews with what he calls “beautiful boys.” The site GDuroy.com is the home of the infamous feature “Kinky Angels,” an almost all condom-free series of seven paid issues (plus a preview issue) of boys with “innocent faces and hardcore sex in an elegant package.” Unlike the other two sites, this is not a listing site or depository of others, but rest assured, BelAmi is tops when it comes to young gay men and all the mischief they can get into.

So there’s a little smattering of what’s out there. Go, be free, do your research and comment below about your experiences or if you find any of your own sites you’d like to share.

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