Lady Gaga: Born This Way


Lady Gaga
Born This Way

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Much like Britney Spears, Lady Gaga is an artist that everyone knows – whether they want to or not. With dance floor killers like “Poker Face” and “Just Dance,” Lady Gaga has placed herself well within grasp of the pop princess crown. However, Born This Way, isn’t the album that will help her get there.

The first thing to understand about Lady Gaga’s latest release is that it isn’t like prior releases from the artist. The album takes a step away from the pop sunshine and back into the dance club. Expect house dance music with a touch of the 1980s on this album. While many of the tracks are fun, they don’t hold a candle to songs off prior releases like “Bad Romance” or “Lovestick.” One of the better tracks on the album is “The Edge of Glory,” which has a strong dance club vibe. The track would have actually been a better fit for Devo than Lady Gaga but as Gaga belts lyrics like “I’m on the edge of glory with you,” the synthesizer blasts on and you forget about who the song would have been better for. “You & I” is unique amongst tracks on the album, featuring a bit of a blues vibe. Somewhere around the chorus, the track also brings in anthem rock guitar riffs. Another standout on the album is “Government Hooker,” a slower dance track similar to Robyn. The track is erotic and will somehow still get you on your feet dancing.

Overall, fans of dance tracks or Lady Gaga will likely covet this album as another step in the artist’s progression. But if you’re looking to get into Lady Gaga, this album won’t be able to help you out.

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