THE SEX FILES: Interview with Goddess Soma Snakeoil

Billing herself as a model/actress/performer and professional Domina, Goddess Soma Snakeoil is a woman of many talents, a chameleon in not only her look but in her interests. The provocative beauty was nice enough to give me a sit down during her busy schedule.

Domina/model/actor/live performer…or are you all of the above?

The answer is certainly, all of the above, but if I had to break it down to one word I would say…Pervert. I’m a lifestyle and professional pervert and sex anarchist, lucky enough to be able to explore beauty, filth and erotic artistry as part of my daily life... and I get to turn hot girls into my play things!

There’s a vaudevillian feel to your snakeoil site and I assume that’s deliberate. Tell me about your influences?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of the sideshow freak and the self effacing pageantry of low brow performance art.  I love the seedy aesthetics of vaudeville, burlesque, circus and of course the snakeoil salesman. When I decided on my name I picked Soma as a reference to the drug that controls the masses in Brave New World and Snakeoil referring to the cultural icons of misrepresentation; Snakeoil was a Chinese medicine for joint pain, but became associated with the quacks who sold questionable tinctures to cure just about anything. I love the culture surrounding these parts of history and I like to think of my website as my little erotic sideshow…full of freaks, fire breathing sluts, and me as the Snakeoil Salesman peddling questionable smutty pictures, movies and ideas.

You seem to be embracing the net with all your online ventures and strong website presence. Do you share a love/hate relationship with the web as many people in the adult business do or are you completely immersed?

I’m pretty immersed in the net, while having a definitive love/hate relationship with it. Because the Internet has connected us to other people in our perversions we are free to express and explore sexuality in beautiful new ways that were not possible when humans felt sexually isolated. This is a positive move forward for sexuality…but at the same time eroticism is cheap and too accessible. I like there to be a kind of sacred un-attainability to the filthy mischief I engage in.

How do you split your time off line and on with all that you’re doing?

Although I do spend some time online, I focus my time on real life experiences. I have a private dungeon Downtown (LA) where I see a very select group of clients, I teach classes on BDSM and I do occasional live stage shows. I travel a lot too so it’s lots of fun juggling all my projects.

What’s the rest of 2011 hold for you?

I just opened a production company called Snakeoil Media Productions. We will be producing our first full length movie next month and releasing it shortly after that…it’s going to be really rubbery! I’m also focused on the new site SomaSnakeoil.com, doing some writing and managing and doing bookings for the Vegas Punk House.

In the meantime, if you want to check out Goddess Soma (and you really should, she has such a wide variety of offerings) check her out at GoddessSoma.com.

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