Phantogram: Nightlife

(Barsuk Records)

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Phantogram’s latest EP has done little more than provide fodder for fans waiting for another full length release from the band. The EP progresses from where the band left off after Eyelid Movies and is another stunning EP in the band’s repertoire.

“A Dark Tunnel” is one of those songs so beautiful to listen to, it hurts. In fact, the light buzzing through portions of the track is something you can feel in the pit of your stomach. The rest of the track feels like a remix of a trendy hip-hop song. The overall vibe of the track is perhaps one of the strongest offerings yet from Phantogram. The chorus swells with sweet female vocals offered up by Sarah Barthel. “Don’t Move” is another standout on the album. A little more aggressive, the song features an absolutely phenomenal beat, brass sounds and clips from everything out there. The track is entrancing and breathy all at once. “Make a Fist” is the closest this airy, trance-inducing duo gets to indie rock. The song sounds more like a story than anything else. By the time you get to the chorus, the swirling guitars and airy sounds have already taken hold of you entirely. You can easily lose half of your day in the magic that is this song.

Overall, Phantogram has produced yet another EP to be proud of. But at the end of the day, this EP will just make fans fiend for another full length.

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