THE SEX FILES: M.A.S. and a Bake Sale


Let’s get into marriage, abortion and sex this week and a sexy NYC bake sale… 


Just this Tuesday  the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals found California voters in 2008 had unfairly relegated gay and lesbian couples to a lower status than heterosexual couples when a ban on gay marriage was passed.

There are lots of fine lines being crossed here, what is and what is not marriage, what is for a state level law to decide over a federal, so we just know this issue is not going away in CA and every other state in the nation and many observers (me being one of them) opine that this case will ultimately be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

18,000 same-sex couples were married during the summer of legalization in 2008 in CA.


Texas health officials began enforcing a controversial law that requires doctors to provide a sonogram to pregnant women before they get an abortion. Though in August, just before the law was set to take effect, U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks of Austin found several portions of the law “unconstitutionally vague” and ruled that it violated the First Amendment by compelling doctors and patients to engage in government-mandated speech. This past January a three-judge panel thus vacated Sparks’ injunction against enforcing the law, saying opponents did not prove that it violated the Constitution.

The law requires “women seeking an abortion in Texas to view a picture of the embryo or fetus and hear a description of its development before having the procedure.”

A U.S. Supreme Court ruling in a similar Pennsylvania case held that “the fact that such truthful, accurate information may cause a woman to choose not to abort her pregnancy only reinforces its relevance to an informed decision…”


Falling into the ‘no-shit’ department…

When you hear the names Marilyn Monroe, Judith Exner, Gunilla von Post and even Marlene Dietrich mentioned in the same sentence you can kind of guess who we are talking about. That old slick Willy Of The White House (no, not that slick Willie) JFK was known to have entertained quite the stable. The latest lady to claim an affair with our 35th Pres (while he was Pres) published a memoir this week of her teenage love affair with JFK.

Mimi Alford’s book Once Upon A Secret is supposedly filled with the lady’s own ride around Camelot (at 19, while a White House intern) and she describes her and JFK’s extramarital encounters in detail, an occasion she performed oral sex on the President’s assistant by the great man’s urging and dalliances fueled by narcotics.

Ms Alford’s existence was first revealed by the historian Robert Dallek in 2003.

Baked Nude Goods

Our good friend’s from NYC’s own Bare Naked Bale Sale (who I have introduced you to previously) have something going on this very night, Thursday Feb 9th at 6:30 pm, their Bake-Off & Burlesque. There will be prizes and a full Burlesque show featuring Creamy Stevens, Hazel Honeysuckle and a few others.

Your two drink ticket includes beer from Brooklyn Brewery and you can be assured that this BNakedB event is a good cause (as they all are) as 100% of the net proceeds from the night go to benefit Pink Jams! and The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

At Soho Gallery for Digital Art 138 Sullivan St NY.

The link is:

If you go, tell them I sent you.

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