Tycho: Dive


(Ghostly International)

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At times, Tycho’s new album, Dive, transforms into what it may feel like to take a midnight luminescent BioBay kayak through dense darkness where riffles of water unveil the glittery glow or muted opaque neon of passing plankton and other-worldly radiant organisms that may flutter by. A human pondering a mysterious world so large and engaging feels like the emotive structure of Dive. “A Walk” feels like fresh-eyed wonderment. It is purely instrumental, and the rhythmic and atmospheric walls of sound, along with occasional cuddly warm synths and/or guitar zooms by on waves of funky bass lines and create a glorious haven. Chill-mode electronic utopia with an upswing, slightly dance style, every track is threaded with a run of instrumentation that disallows the listener to disengage from emotion or warmth. “Adrift” moves in with hypnotic funky drummer-esque breakbeats and keys elongate like slowly stretching rubber bands that will never pop under strain or stress.

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