THE SEX FILES: So What Have we Learned?

I really feel that we get dumber as time goes on (well not you my gentle readers, the peeps who come on to shortandsweetnyc.com are some of the smartest people in the world!) But I do tend to wonder, in the face of mounting evidence and being witness to the consequences really of what some people are thinking when it comes to what they do to, with or around their bodies…

1.) A Detroit Circuit judge, Wade McCree sent a  shirtless, nearly full frontal shot of himself to a female court bailiff who works under him. Though discovered on that woman’s cell phone by the woman’s hubby, McCree declared to Fox 2 “Hot dog, yep, that’s me.  There’s no shame in my game.”

Whatever the hell that all means.

McCree, who’s game presently is that he is married, falls from a long legal lineage. His dad was Wade H. McCree, Jr., not only appointed as the U.S. solicitor general by Jimmy Carter but also  the first African American to sit on a Michigan court of record when appointed in 1954. His dad had his own history, of what some call unorthodox decisions, as in 2009 when he sentenced men who were behind in their child support payments to watch episodes of Maury as part of their probation!

I don’t care how unusal your practices, didn’t this dude learn enough from Anthony Weiner?

2.) Valeria Lukyanova, a 21-year-old Ukrainian model has made herself into a real-life Barbie. Now, whether this woman has used plastic surgery on top of make-up to achieve her technicues (if you go to her website here I am sure you’ll agree with me that at the very least those boobs are not real) she’s not telling. But the long, straight blonde hair, the flawless ivory skin, and concave waist makes Lukyanova pretty damn plastic and pretty damn convincing.

But who is going to care really after the novelty wears off that you have fashioned yourself into one of Mattel’s best selling toys? And good luck when you find your Ken, we all know he’s not packing.

3.) In the best sex scandal of the past two weeks, our very own Secret Service hasn’t been able to keep the services they have been into of late a secret. It seems that now 12 agents linked to a prostitution ‘situation’ in Columbia have been dealt disciplinary sanctions.  At the time of this writing, Janet Napolitano, our very own Homeland Security head muckety-muck is supposed to testify in front of a Senate panel (her department overseas the SS, if you didn’t know…I certainly wasn’t aware.)

Of the 12 agents disciplined, 6 have resigned, one was allowed to retire and one has been fired (though he can still appeal), another has had his security clearance revoked-but could appeal the revocation though he stands to lose his job should that appeal be denied, while three have been cleared.

The incident supposedly occurred before President Obama arrived in Columbia, making me-and I am sure all of you-wonder not how often stuff like this goes on, but how well guarded our commander-in-chief and other states-people are guarded and why the Secret Service couldn’t keep what they did a secret (hell, the word secret is in their name after all!). I am not condoning this behavior, I do not really know where that fine line exists between off duty activity and on, but from a pure covering-your-secret-ass-P.O.V., haven’t these guys (and the girls too who get caught doing the nasty on our dime) learned from Bill Clinton’s escapades and all the dirt being dished, even decades later about J.F.K., that if you’re gonna do the deed on, around or under the auspices of the White House, be extra double secret careful when and where you drop your pants.

Sooner or later this stuff gets found out.

Just food for thought over these three. How much really do we ever learn?


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