Civil Twilight: Holy Weather


Civil Twilight
Holy Weather
(Wind-up Records)

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There are bands out there whose music is meant to be breathtakingly grand and powerful, and Civil Twilight fits the bill perfectly. Originally hailing from South Africa, the Nashville-based trio found themselves on over a dozen TV and film soundtracks with their self-titled debut. Three years on, they’ve returned with a sophomore album that carries just as much as an alt punch.

Holy Weather follows the U2 handbook for success (before the overexposure, of course). The album features compelling guitar work and emotional lyrics, but the band also knows when to pull back for a massive, bellowing singalong. The opening track, “River,” is a perfect example of this formula, and it serves as a great taster to draw the listener into the album.

“Holy Weather” is a track that shows off the diversity of the band’s influences with a Celtic-tinged, quiet intro that then gives away to modern, electronic tones much in the manner of Muse. The intensity of “Shape of a Sound” would do Radiohead proud, while “Doorway” sparks the same intensity of shouting along to an ’80s hit when old Bono and Co. come on the radio.

There are a few lulls on Holy Weather, but overall, it’s a very solid album that shows a band growing into quite the spectacle. Expect even bigger things as they go on, because Civil Twilight is here to stay.

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  1. loving “holy weather”! can’t wait to see them live at the knitting factory in brooklyn on june 13th! gonna be amazing!


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