Lovedrug: Wild Blood


Wild Blood
(Street Talk Media)

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Wild Blood, by Lovedrug, is a fast-paced and driving album filled with passion and excitement. You won’t be able to put the album down anytime soon.

“Revival” is a great example of the energy that this album has. Light, bright and vibrant, the track sounds like your classic radio rock anthem. However, there’s so much more to the album. There is feeling. There is personality. There is life. “We Were Owls” is calmer. “Had her hands in the gutter but her heart in the water” are such unique lyrics that you can’t help but listen anxiously to the track. Everything about it is beautiful. Fans of the Fray will feel right at home with this track and album. “Pink Champagne” would fit right in at any of your local rock halls. Sounding like Sleeping at Last, the track is grandiose. There’s nothing “small” about this album or about this band.

Wild Blood is the type of album you won’t be able to look away from. Once you’ve picked it up, you’ll be spinning it in your Discman or playing it from your iTunes playlist for weeks. Be prepared.

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