The Rapture: In the Grace Of Your Love

The Rapture
In the Grace Of Your Love

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The Rapture is definitely a “love them or leave them” kind of band. Couple a vocalist with a unique sound, electronic and loud rhythms and a lot of kinetic energy, the band’s latest release, In The Grace Of Your Love, is definitely either an album you will love or hate.

Take “Sail Away” for example. The track is loud and vibrant. It is pounding and the lyrics almost become an instrument over the myriad of cymbal crashes. However, you can also see how Luke Jenner’s wailing lyrics stating “These people don’t know how it feels” over and over again can be annoying. “Never Die Again” is another good example. The track feels a bit jazzy and bluesy. When the song kicks in, things feel a bit more like a disco jam. Tantalizing keys break the track into parts. However, you can also see how the mixing genres coupled with light brass can make someone see this song as a bad Hot Chip B-side. Then take “Miss You.” The song is largely vocal-based. Jenner has never sounded better with his blue-tinged vocals clashing along. His voice and the song start to sound a bit like “Respect” by the great Aretha Franklin. You can also see how Jenner’s vocals matched to the beat of the song can be a bit much as well.

While the album can be a bit of a “take it or leave it” release, this reviewer definitely “takes it” and recommends you find out for yourself how you feel about it.

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