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MySecretLuxury.com is a provider of “carefully curated pleasure products” as well as the provider of, the-first-of-its kind, My Secret Luxury Concierge, a service where dreams and fantasies are literally made reality with just the click of a mouse. Their My Secret Luxury Kits: “The Kids Are Away (the parents shall role play),” “Just Got a Bonus (His and Hers),” “Boomer Babe” and “Pregnancy Kits” offer ‘romance tools’ for nearly every situation. Their My Secret Subscription assures that a mystery kit is mailed each quarter to their clientèle. Clients looking for something more personalized can request a customized kit through the concierge service, where a custom kit arrives at your doorstep or hotel room when requested.

I was lucky enough to get a sit down with Stacy Rybchin (founder and CEO) of the company, www.MySecretLuxury.com and I got her to spill some secrets (sorry, given the chance I can’t resist a good pun).

I recently read about your Secret Concierge service in an article connecting it with people wanting to experience their own Shades of Grey experience. But you do so much more than that, right?

Absolutely. People want a safe place to explore their fantasies, enhance romantic relationships and ultimately, connect with one another in exciting and meaningful ways. We help facilitate all of this with our collection of products and services that elevate experiences.

Tell me about some of those products.

The products sold through the site are carefully selected and reflect a sophisticated clientèle. Some of the items offered are truly artisan pleasure products, crafted with as much attention to technology and design as jewelry or other accessories. In addition, they incorporate biological and psychological principles…for example, the Lelo® products and the hand-blown glass kegel balls.

And The Secret Concierge?

The Secret concierge not only provides recommendations but will actually arrange a complete fantasy with total discretion.

Adult products and experiences seem to have taken quite the step-up in quality of products and ingenuity of services in the past few years, even as you say on your website in the face of a ‘worldwide economic slump.’ Why do you think this is?

We believe that the world is in the middle of another sexual revolution where style and design are important to people. Romance has always been the main subject of art and literature, now romance tools are becoming art themselves.

What would you say to people who maybe cannot afford your Secret Kits and the My Secret Surprise experience, but still want to explore the adult product world?

While we do cater to a more affluent audience, the beauty of this sexual revolution is that toys, tools, and products are widely available online and at drugstores. We also offer products at lower price points and are happy to help customers find something to indulge their fantasies within a range that they are comfortable.

With the net so pervasive in our lives, do you think you could even run your business, or at least run it as successfully as you do, without the reach the Internet now allows you to potential customers?

Not at all. We are currently 100% web-based and rely heavily on the Internet to disseminate information about our site, products and practices…still, it’s good old-fashioned word of mouth and referrals that have driven our sales to-date. It comes down to people passing along and sharing information – the web just provides a new way to do it.

And of course the other major element that the web provides is anonymity – our shoppers can have a relationship with us on their own terms. On our site we say that we aren’t interested in one-night stands with our customers, and we mean that –we want to develop relationships. We want people to know they can shop with us discreetly without any embarrassment or judgment.

What’s coming in the future for the company?

We don’t have any announcements right now, but stay tuned – our goal is to continue pushing the envelope in terms of the services and offerings we provide our clients. That’s why we developed our subscription service and the Secret Concierge. We want to be synonymous with unparalleled customer service and selection.

Check out all the sexy products and services here: www.MySecretLuxury.com

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