Elizabeth Grant The Socializer Z.I.T. Zapper

Even as an adult – past your teenage prime – the occasional pimple makes an unannounced cameo on your face. What, where, how, why? There is no need to exile yourself for the next few days; if you’re lucky! Canadian skin care line Elizabeth Grant comes to the rescue with Z.I.T. Zapper from the Socializer collection ($22). Z.I.T. Zapper is a gel-based on the spot acne treatment with a high dosage of salicylic acid. The product comes in a tube with a built-in, no mess applicatory. You apply the clear gel to the affected (or infected) area. Depending on how much time you have, you can leave it on for several minutes to minimize size and irritation or overnight as a zap away treatment. Z.I.T. Zapper is a versatile product that can be used to treat other things such as psoriasis, corns, and warts or as a pedicure treatment. It is easy to carry for makeup artists, brides, overnight trips or anywhere on the go.

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