THE SEX FILES: We speak with the creative director of Bateworld

bateworldFor male masturbation-and decidedly with a gay male slant to it-nothing beats (pardon the pun) BateWorld.  The good people who make this site as successful as it is work hard to make sure all their user generated content-BateWorld’s photos and videos are authentic and executed by amateurs only, there are no actors or models paid to be on the site-it is not viewed by minors. Which is what we all most like to hear when it comes to anything sexual that can be accessed online!

I spoke with David, Creative Director of this video/social media/positive male masturbation portal to learn all I could about BateWorld.

Why this site…at this time?

BateWorld is a really unique site, not just because it’s focused exclusively on masturbation, but because of the camaraderie and sense of purpose that Bateworld has in the lives of so many of our members. It’s not a place where only the physically beautiful reign (though we have those too). Men of all shapes, sizes, ages and sexual preferences are encouraged to display and express themselves openly on BateWorld through photos, videos, chat rooms, polls, blogs, forums and private cams.

Is the future in sites like BateWorld, where specifically themed sexual visual material will almost always exist side-by-side with a social network as well? We do seem to all want to interact, have our say, etc. when we log on these days.

I’m the last person to accurately predict where technology and culture are going. The pace of constant technological revision we find ourselves in is unprecedented, and I’d personally like to see it slow down a bit. It’s challenging to always stay on top of the wave. One thing that sites like BateWorld have to deal with is how we can best integrate the most current technology with the needs of our members. Integration between technology and community is our underlying purpose as a business.

But BateWorld is definitely more of a focused social networking site than many others out there.

We’ve established a space online for men to share masturbation together openly, and there’s a certain power in the anonymity aspect of creating an online identity that wouldn’t be acceptable for other venues. Being in charge of your identity is an essential element of making men on BateWorld feel safe and confident in themselves. Few members are known by their real names. Screen names and carefully edited visual evidence can help enable men to feel more confident in themselves, to let go and enjoy something that might otherwise cause some anxiety or regret.

What are some of the ways that you see technology influencing or enabling sexual expression today?

Technology and sex have become permanently fused now. Our options for sharing the most intimate details of our lives online have really opened doors for us in Western culture. Digital technology offers new forms of sexual expression that have never before been possible. I see us living through a revolutionary period, and I think historians will recognize the importance of this era in reshaping our future cultures.

What are some of the benefits and challenges of being Creative Director for BateWorld?

As Creative Director I’m not just in charge of visual design, it’s my job to find new and inventive features that will enhance the member’s experience. I have many on the drawing board, but it takes a long time to implement new things when there’s always some more important issue that our tech guys need to work on.

Making navigation easier, more intuitive, less intrusive is a goal of most interactivity designers (or should be), but on BateWorld it’s especially important because we want men to keep jacking their cocks. Having to use more than one hand, or fiddle with a cumbersome interface, is really a boner killer. My job as a visual designer is to keep finding new ways to streamline the site features and assist in the connections men are making on BateWorld. I can’t say we’re 100% there with that, but it’s a long process of fine tuning and we’ve definitely come a long way in five years.

So, in the end, really you are offering a variety of experiences for men who want to masturbate online and show others…or for those men who want to watch men masturbate online…or for both.

Yes, BateWorld is vast enough to allow men to express themselves anyway they choose and to continue to develop in their appreciation and expression of masturbation. One can enjoy a wide range of online identities. Some men include face pics and are totally open about many aspects of their lives… to others who show only their body parts… to men who have no photos or videos and are totally anonymous.

And men who remain anonymous do it for a multitude of reasons…business and family… to just enjoying a voyeristic experience…to just being shy.  But you can bet they are all getting off. Let’s face it, nearly all online erotica, when viewed alone, usually ends in masturbation.

For more information, you can find BateWorld here.

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