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The BoredomsSuper Roots, Vol. 9Thrill Jockey As self-deprecating as they probably are, this band is not at all boring. Hailing from Japan, […]

The Daily Shortlist April 30

Gordon Ramsay Location: Midtown East, NYCEvent: Gordon RamsayShow time: 7:00 PMVenue: Border’sFood: Peking Duck HouseDrink: Blackstones Pub & Restaurant Miscellaneous: New York […]

Music Reviews: They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants The ElseZoe Records New York’s They Might Be Giants are not only one of the quirkiest bands to […]

The Daily Shortlist April 29

Location: Park Slope, BrooklynReading: Deborah BakerShow time: 7:30 PMVenue: Barnes & Noble – Park SlopeFood: Los Pollitos II Drink: Pacific Standard Accessory: […]

High Mountain Beauty

Drink Oolong Tea for Your Health and to Stay Beautiful On a recent trip to the Pacific Island of Taiwan, I was […]

The Daily Shortlist April 28

The King of the TV sitcom, Norman Lear. Photo Credit: Zuade Kaufman Location: Upper East Side, NYCEvent: Norman LearShow time: 8:15 PMVenue: […]

The Weekend Shortlist April 25 to 27

The Fiery Furnaces Courtesy of HRT Friday April 25 Location: East Village, NYCBand: Baby Dayliner + BlockheadShow time: 4:25 PMVenue: RehabFood: VeselkaDrink: […]

ART: Josh Azzarella

Josh Azzarella Untitled #23 (”Lynndied”) 2006 March 21 – May 17, 2008 Josh AzzarellaDCKT Contemporary 195 Bowery, ground floorNew York, NY 10002Phone: […]

The Daily Shortlist April 24

Location: Tribeca, NYC Film: Tribeca Film Festival Venue: See Tribeca Film Festival website Food: Ear Inn Drink: Village Lantern Miscellaneous: Jacques Torres […]

MUSIC REVIEW: Great Northern

Great Northernsleepy eepeeeenee meanie records sleepy eepee may be short, but is it ever so sweet! Consisting of 5 brief songs, this […]

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