Music Reviews

Sandflower: The Quantum Seed

Lots of space-age sounds run in and around the fantastically fun “Wild Things Are,” with its slightly overproduced chorus, and then the big pop ballad “Don’t Stress” lends itself to some of the best singing here and a UK House Remix of “Break My Soul,” ends The Quantum Seed. 

Doug Henthorn: Three

The nasty staccato drumming beat of rockin “Devil’s Come Home,” ends Three, another great tune on this ten-song album full of them; singable, the players cutting fine and true and a great way to remember spending time with Doug Henthorn and his obvious rockin’ skills.

Combinator: re/combinator

Here we have Sean Fairchild, with help from Jesse Holt of Second Coming remixing two tunes and Isaac Chirino lending percussion on one tune. Notably, Combinator is Fairchild’s baby.

Modern Monsters: Malice

Guitar feedback noise opens “White Rabbit,” a big guitar slicing revisit of the classic Jefferson Airplane hit.

Stevie Cornell