THE SEX FILES: Up On the Roof, Getting Down with Your Bot

So be you posting pics online, enjoying viral videos, running over to Clips4Sale every now and again, or wanting to get down and dirty for an AI chatbot, the world is your oyster; have at it.

THE SEX FILES: Catching Up

Sorry, it’s been a while. You know how life intrudes, even in the face of all those sexual interests we might share. I promise to get back to a little bit more regular posting here in/on The Sex Files, but in the meantime, I do need to catch you up a bit, so below I do with some things personal, some things not, but all things kinda naughty.

When Teachers Get Funny: The Wild Tale of Taylor Andrews

I think our private lives and work lives should be completely separate, it’s criminal that we’ve allowed as a society for that to not be the case; I stand by that to this day.

THE SEX FILES: Interview with Dr. James J. Elist, inventor of the Penuma® implant