Event Submission Registration Page

Welcome to the NEW Short and Sweet NYC listings section, where your events are at the top of our list! Here you can enter your upcoming shows for our audience to check out. All members are guaranteed that their listings will be posted on the site and you can list as many events as your heart desires up to three months in advance. Rather than submit your events in hopes of getting them posted elsewhere, we guarantee that your show or event is seen by our growing audience of event hungry New Yorkers looking for something interesting to go to. Whether you’re a new band starting out, have a last minute show, or want to get your event out there and buzzed about, now you can.

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So let’s get started!

1. Register for an account on the site.

2. Then you will receive an email from ShortandSweetNYC to set up an account.

3. You will receive an email from shortandsweetnyc with your user name, password and a link to login.

4. Click on the homepage under Your Daily Listings and Submit your event. You will see a graphic like the one below.

5. Once you are signed up you can submit as many events as you like during the time period you choose.

6. If you have any problems, would like to edit your listing, or don’t see a venue in our list, feel free to contact us for customer support at shortandsweetnyc@gmail.com.